Longmont, CO, is one of the first cities in America to offer municipal, city-wide Gigabit Fiber Optic Broadband Internet. They have branded it “nextLight” and as of November 2014 it is being installed and phased into the city over the next three years.


There are two methods of connecting to the internet via a newly installed fiber optic modem:

1. Ethernet cable (Cat-5e or Cat-6).

2. WiFi.

If you already own a wireless router, you can hook it up and enjoy your existing hardware. However, if you really want to take “full advantage” of the fast gigabit internet coming through your new fiber modem, you will need two pieces of gear, an 802.11ac wireless router, and an 802.11ac-capable wireless antenna.

If you are in the market to purchase any of the above, please contact Longmont Computer for the best options tailored to your individual needs.