The Spring 2018 update for Windows 10, also known as the Version 1803 Update, is a major change in some areas and can take a very long time to implement on older systems.

If you begin the update process, please be patient and don’t turn your computer off!  Doing so could result in a catastrophic loss of data and/or hardware malfunctions, driver losses, etc.  During the update process, the computer will reboot a few times.  Just be patient and let the installation fully finish, and you will ultimately see the familiar login screen when complete.

A few things to note about this new upgrade:

  1. Most importantly, the Windows Homegroup used for file sharing has been completely removed.  Shared files/folders already set up will continue to be shared, but new sharing options will need to be done via the Windows 10 options.
  2. A new “Time Line” feature has been added to allow users to “pick up where they left off” with recently access documents, web browser pages, etc.
  3. A new “Focus” feature has been added as an option to turn off notifications during times when you want to focus on work, deliver a presentation, etc.

If you are unsure about this major update, we are here to help!  We can offer consulting to help you begin the install process, and help with any post-installation issues that might arise (for example, a few users may lose some older drivers that are from “legacy devices” that need to be re-installed or updated properly).

A bit more can be found here.

Happy Computing!

Paul @ Longmont Computer